Coastal Offroad Low Profile Rear Bumper Kit


“The Low Profile Rear Bumper Kit represents the pinnacle of design by a company with a proven track record of producing reliable and resilient durability. The bumper easily survived off-road travel, elements of every degree that the Colorado backcountry could throw at it.”

Landon Ecker
December 2020

The rear bumper DIY weld-together kit for the 4th generation (2003-2009) Toyota 4Runner is a reliable and durable addition to your already capable 4runner. However, Toyota left a lot to be desired when it comes to fitting a clean, low profile, high clearance rear bumper. The stock bumper extends way up the sides of the body and there is a bulky frame crossmember located behind the rear lift gate. Both of these factors make it very difficult to maximize ground clearance and maintain a low bumper profile. The Coastal Offroad team put a lot of thought into the design of this back bumper. The Coastal team wanted to accomplish creating a bumper that leaves your frame crossmember fully intact and keeps the top 6" of the stock plastic bumper valance. By doing this, they felt that they had achieved a very tidy bumper profile that will complement the lines of the 4th gen 4Runner. This also means that no frame modification of any kind is required which we will show you in the images and how to video. 

Coastal Offroad Low Profile Rear Bumper Kit

Coastal Offroad Back Bumper & Tire Swing out specs: 

The end result is a bumper that features entirely bolt-on construction, mounting holes for the removable 2″ hitch receiver, and excellent protection from trail obstacles, trees and incompetent motorists. The low profile design has also resulted in very reasonable weights of 130lbs for the steel bumper and 64lbs for the aluminum version.

Coastal Offroad Low Profile Rear Bumper Kit

The swing out tire carrier comes in either a single or dual sided configuration and is built to accept a tire up to 35″ in diameter. Both carriers include mounting brackets for a hi lift jack and other recovery items. The dual swing out includes the hi lift mount as well as a lockable jerry can holder designed to fit two 20L NATO style jerry cans. These carriers feature heavy duty double heim joint hinges, 2000lb toggle latches, T-handle spring pins, and a replaceable UHMW catch pad that provides secure, rattle free operation. The heim joints in conjunction with the toggle latch provide tons of adjustability, allowing for easy assembly and guaranteed alignment of the carrier latch. The single swing out add-on weighs 34lbs and the dual swing out add-on with gas can holder weighs 77lbs.

Coastal Offroad Low Profile Rear Bumper Kit

What's included? 

•DIY Weld-together kit – This bumper arrives as precision CNC-laser cut pieces that you then weld together (detailed assembly instructions included)

• Slim profile is engineered to provide maximum ground clearance and complement the factory body lines – trimming of stock plastic bumper required

• Heavy duty 3/16″ plate steel construction for maximum offroad strength and durability

• Optional 1/4″ 5052 aluminum construction for a lightweight yet very durable overlanding setup (66lb weight savings)

• Optional 2″ hitch receiver is contoured for a clean look and further clearance gains

• Mounts directly to frame using 14 factory mounting points – no drilling required.

• Reinforced 9/16″ thick clevis mounts allow the use of 3/4″ D-Rings

• All kits ship as clean, bare metal that is ready to weld out of the box – the Nitrogen laser cutting technology means no cutting edge oxidation and thus easier and stronger welds

• Optional Swing out tire carrier with hi lift jack mount and locking dual NATO can holder

Note : optional lights will be provided with tabs to mount the lights either on the swing outs or on top of the bumper.

HOW TO VIDEO - Rear Bumper Assembly: 

HOW TO VIDEO - Swing Arm Assembly: 


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