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BUKK - Ride Cake - Product Review // Write-up & Images focusing on a 2 day of testing the Ride Cake Bukk.

Landon Ecker
August 2023
Ride Cake Bukk

2 days of testing the Cake Bukk.

Video Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jIDTmnNW7Cc

We're delighted to publish a review from renowned automotive photographer and motorcycle enthusiast Aaron Brimhall, who recently had the opportunity to test ride the all-new Cake Bukk Motorcycle in Barcelona. As one of the very first riding reviews for the Bukk, Aaron shares his experience and insights on the new motorcycle platform from CAKE. Before we dive into the details, Aaron is very clear in his video review that this is not a sponsored post, but a riding review of his first impressions and comparisons to the handful of the electric motorcycles competition out there.

Ride Cake Bukk

Fact box: First of all what is Cake? 

Cake is a Swedish company with HQ in Stockholm with USA and Europe as focus markets. It's American HQ is located in Venice, CA and has grown rapidly in the states since its debut in Denver 2018. They're specializing in lightweight two wheelers of all kinds, utility and off-road, with a range from scooters, mopeds all the way to off-road motorcycles - for more information about the models please visit: ridecake.com/bikes

Ride Cake Bukk

Day 1 getting introduced to the Bukk. 

On his first ride, Aaron noticed immediately the Bukk's upgraded power, suspension, and torque compared to the other Cake bikes. The bike's off-road performance was nothing short of exceptional, CAKE uses "nimble" a lot in their marketing and I must admit that it's incredibly easy to maneuver. Feels like an MX bike but everything can be done quicker. Trails and fire roads, not much to say, ergonomics and seat feels like a dirtbike, grippy photo pegs, good dynamics and robust frame construction. Again where this bike is different is it's throttle control, traction, power and lightness.

Ride Cake Bukk

Day 2. Continuing to ride off-road and taking it to a FMX Park. 

During the second day of testing, Aaron also had the chance to ride with local rider Remi Bizouard to explore the bike's jumping capabilities and seriously get support to test the Cake Bukk in the air. Remi is one of the best FMX riders in the world, and he showcased the full potential of the Cake Bukk Motorcycle. Remi, a 3x FMX World Champion, shared his thoughts summarized: "It's extremely powerful, lightweight, and nimble. The bike geometry is robust and well balanced on trails and in the air. This creates new riding possibilities you couldn't do with a full-size bike." The suspension feels incredible smooth and Remi did a lot of rebound adjustments, even riding trails the suspension eats everything, though trails are a cakewalk.

Ride Cake Bukk


The electric in-house developed motor offers a silent ride, allowing riders to fully immerse themselves in the environment without disturbing the tranquility of nature. This bike is close to perfection and the best ride Aaron has ridden, the perfect mix between power, nimbleness, and suspension to go as big as you like. However, like all premium products, Aaron acknowledges that the price point of the Cake Bukk may be a drawback for some, but is still impressed with this platform that starts at $10,270 and can be configured with suspension, light, and wheels depending on preferences. Aaron personally rode a top-of-the-line equipped bike with WP Cone Valve front Fork and an Ohlins rear shock.

We are thrilled to share Aaron Brimhall's first-hand experience with the Cake Bukk Motorcycle, and we believe that with its cutting-edge technology, performance, and distinct design, the Cake Bukk is set to attract a new generation as well as seasoned riders that are seeking new riding opportunities but without compromising on speed and performance .

It will truly be exciting to follow the progress, this platform feels like the next big thing.

Ride Cake Bukk

Claimed specs from ridecake.com

(Imperial Units in Parentheses)


Wheel: 456 Nm (336 lb-ft)

Motor Axle: 71 Nm (52 lb-ft)


Peak Power: 16 kW (21.5 hp)

0-45 km/h (0-28 mph): 2.15 seconds

Top Speed: (90 km/h) (56 mph)


Rear: WP XACT PRO 8946 Shock, Pro Motorsport Tech (Travel: 279 mm / 11 inches)

Front: WP XACT PRO 7543 Spring Fork, Advanced WP Tech & Closed Cartridge System (Travel: 278 mm / 10.9 inches)


Voltage: 72V

Charging Time: 0-100% in 2 ¾ hours, 0-80% in 1 hour 55 minutes

Charger: External Battery Charger for Standard Outlets, 1200W 72V 220V AC

Ride Modes

Three Fully Configurable Modes in the CAKE Connect App


Disc Front: Stainless Steel, 240 mm (9.4 inches) Diameter, 3 mm (0.12 inches) Thickness

Disc Rear: Stainless Steel, 220 mm (8.7 inches) Diameter, 3 mm (0.12 inches) Thickness

Type: Formula Motorcycle Disc Brakes, Four Piston Calipers, Alloy Levers, Hand Lever for Front and Rear Brake


Features: High Power Density and Advanced Motor Control Algorithms


Features: TFT Display with Battery SoC, Speedometer, Ride Mode Selection, and Telltales


Fork Angle: 25°

Ground Clearance: 350 mm (13.8 inches)

Height to Handle: 1135 mm (44.7 inches)

Length: 2010 mm (79.1 inches)

Offset: 20 mm (0.79 inches) in Triple Clamps, 25 mm (0.98 inches) in Forks

Seat Height: 965 mm (38 inches)

Trail: 100 mm (3.94 inches)

Wheel Base: 1360 mm (53.5 inches)

Width: 814 mm (32 inches)


Chain: 420 Chain with O-ring

Front Sprocket: 12 Teeth, Rubberized to Decrease Sound

Electric Motor: CAKE Jante Interior Permanent Magnet Motor, IP67 Classification, Double Wheel Bearing Design

Rear Sprocket: 72 Teeth


Build: 6061 Aluminum, Extruded, Forged, Machined, Welded, and Painted


Interface: 31.8 mm (1.25 inches)

Material: Aerospace Grade 7050 Aluminum

Rise: 20 mm (0.79 inches)

Width: 810 mm (31.9 inches)


Trail/Enduro Riding: Up to 3 Hours

Mixed Enduro Riding: Up to 70 km (43.5 miles)


Battery: 20 kg (44.1 lbs)

Bike without battery: 69-75 kg (152-165 lbs)

Ride Cake Bukk


What we liked the most:

Configurable component options for individual riders.

Super light but so powerful

Fast swapping battery (tool less below 30 seconds)

Takes new riding opportunities to a different level

Suspension that eats everything

Premium build

What can be improved:

Price point: is always a challenge for premium products, especially electric vehicles. We wouldn't say it's expensive, but 10k is a lot of money.

Front wheel: A 21' front wheel would be interesting. There is certainly room for one, so put it on, but it's not a stock option.

Tires: The tires are very round. If you ride heavy off-road, you will want to change to a more aggressive pattern.

Range: We tested for hours and never ran out of battery, and the range is obviously great, but as always with EVs, you are limited.

Ride Cake Bukk


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