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Author: Brian Waugh


onXmaps has set the standard for mapping apps in the field. There is no better phone app when it comes to tracking in-field, setting way-points and data management.

The HUNT app from onXmaps lets you track even with no service, this allows you to know where you stand in the field so you can make sure you are aware of the land boundaries. Did I mention the app is free! There is one caveat, the property boundaries and parcel information layers require a subscription, with packages starting at $15 a month.

The information on the app is excellent, providing landowner information and acreage details, GMU boundaries, topo map view and it clearly differentiates between public and private lands so you can focus on the hunting itself.

The app does require a bit of data and battery to run all day. I typically carry an external battery stick to make sure I can rely on my mobile device while out hunting for days at a time. A pro tip for the app is to rely more on waypoints rather than tracking the whole hunt, this will save the battery life on your phone.

The Hunt app by onXmaps is available for iOS and android, however they do make the maps available as a GPS chip that can be installed on most mobile GPS devices, however the chips have to be purchased by state basis and you should update the chip at least once a year to stay current with land boundaries. I use the onXmaps with my Garmin Oregon 650t as a secondary device to track with.

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Google Earth

View land from a satellite view in 2D or 3D to best understand your hunting grounds, you can mark the map to drop pins, draw lines and save views so you can accurately learn an area to hunt.

Google Earth is the ultimate scouting app, hands down. You can check out your public lands by searching via satellite view and 3D maps of the mountain ranges. This app allows you to check access points, find forest roads, examine topographical changes, and help you understand migration patterns. You can discover new areas and better understand elk and deer migration habits by looking for the resources these animals need such as food, water and shelter.

Google Earth has allowed me to explore new territories before I step foot in the field. Once I started using google earth pro I became a better student of hunting. I got better at looking for hunting grounds, finding where the animals will becoming from and analyzing the landscape to maximize my opportunities.

The best part of Google Earth is the compatibility with KMZ files. You can find these files that give you and overlay view of the map with hunting information on the land. These files are great because they can show specific overlays such as public land borders, elk migration patterns, animal ranges, and other walk in only access points. The app can be used with these overlays to give you the best chance for success in the field.

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View weather patterns weeks before your hunt, stay up to date with weather reports in real time while hunting and track storms with the animated weather radar.

Sometimes all you want is reliable weather data when need it. With minute-by-minute precipitation forecasts for the next two hours localized to your exact GPS location, AccuWeather is the best weather app to use in the field.

When there is a severe weather alert for your favorite hunting location, you can be notified by the app. Current conditions details include location, temperature and high and low for the day, wind speed, times for sunrise or sunset. You can make sure you have time to get out of the storm with push notifications from the app when there is a severe weather alert.

The app is great because it gives you immediately descriptive weather animations illustrating the weather forecast for right now, each of the next 72 hours, and each of the next 15 days so you know exactly how to plan for your trip with layering systems and rain gear. While you are in the field the app has a animated weather radar and maps for tracking the storm’s path so you can make sure you know what you are getting into and have time to get back to basecamp.

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Pursuit stores your vital information and state-specific Sportsman’s ID on your mobile device to simplify the purchasing process of new hunting and fishing licenses.

The pursuit app helps you manage your hunting tags from your phone. You can access your current tags and information associated with your permit, set waypoints to save locations right from the app. I like this app because you can save your tag information right to your phone for every state. This tool helps manage your hunting and fishing licenses right from the app so you can make sure you won’t be caught off guard without your license information readily available at your next encounter with a game warden.

Pursuit enables you to store your vital information and state-specific Sportsman’s Identifier on your mobile device to simplify the purchasing process of new hunting and fishing licenses for any state. You can upload images of your licenses to the app for quick and easy retrieval. The app even can send you reminders when you need to renew your tag with direct links into state-specific online portals to complete your purchase or renewal.

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Find the latest deals on discounted hunting gear and apparel. Camofire offers a new lineup of deals everyday, you will find deals at 40-70% off normal retail which will help combat your gear gathering addiction.

Camofire is an app that runs daily deals and flash sales for hunting apparel, camo and equipment. The app offers specials that are limited by time or quantity giving you an opportunity to score some discounted hunting gear. You can find some smokin’ deals on camofire that offer gear at a discounted rate. They have everything from Sitka apparel to scentblocker sprays that make it so you don’t have to break the bank just to be a serious hunter who wants the best gear.

This app is great because it gives people an opportunity to get some sweet gear at a lower barrier to enter and helps you find gear you didn’t even know you needed. The one downside to the app is that you have to look regularly to find the deal you want or hope the item comes back on the platform. Sometimes a sale runs on the app and that item or brand won’t appear again because the sale was to get rid of old inventory.

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The ultimate photo sharing app to showcase your adventures, success stories and encounters while hunting in the great outdoors.

Although we have tried many hunting picture apps out such as “Outfit” or “Camophoto”, none of them have been able to provide the same user experience as instagram. This for app has won our vote because the instagram platform offers the hunting and fishing community an outlet to showcase their success stories and creative perspective through photos, videos and recent stories.

This app is the preferred photo app by many photographers for its easy of use, ability to share photos to the masses and unique filters. The newest addition to the app is the stories feature which allows people to post recent happenings and go live to their audience. This app lets you explore photos creatively letting you find images through stories and hashtags.

This photo outlet has given us a place to showcase our work and experiences from our adventures in pursuit while fishing and hunting the the western states. We are inspired by creatives in the space as well aspire to influence others who are passionate about the outdoors.

We promote conservation through our stories and photos to showcase our perspective of hunting to display how valuable the outdoors are. Hunting can often be misrepresented or the perception is biased; our goal is to improve the perception of hunting in our modern society. We’ve received an overwhelming amount of support since we started showcasing work on Instagram in September 2016.

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