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Denver Outfitters: Rod Vault 4


If you’re a fan of rolling up to the river with your buddies – rods ready-to-rock, for a full day of fishing, then you will be stoked on the new Rod Vault 4. 
Denver Outfitters designed this vault with one sole purpose, to keep your rods ready from before the commute all the way up to jumping out of the car at your favorite fishing hole.

The Vault 4 not only keeps your rods handy outside the vehicle on-demand; it allows you to rig your rods ahead of time – which equals saving time more time in the morning loading up and while preppin’ for the venture parked riverside.

The vault protects your fly rods from the elements, secures them safely for the drive, and the locking reel housing grants you the option to grab that beer after a long day of fishing without worrying about the security of your rods. The Rod Vault 4 enables fly anglers to stay strapped no matter where their day fishing, or night takes them.

Vaults designed, with angler in mind.

Denver Outfitters went all out with the introduction of the Rod Vault 4. They tweaked product compared to the fromer designs from the Classic Rod Vault. The improved vault design was given some subtle improvements from the original rod vault.

The new back lock box has a blown-out reel housing compared to the classic shape which now grants extra room for large arbor reels, fighting butts on rods and allows for more room for reel cases to be left on the reel! The vault comes standard with a new magnetic rubber strap that allows you to secure your reels even more to help combat vibrations from the road. The new Rod Vault 4 obviously supports up to four fly rods up to ten feet in length. This allows trout anglers to roll around their local rivers & waterways with multiple fly setups and can be strapped for any conditions the mother nature can throw at you.

Rather, if you are out chasing steelhead or fishing the salt flats and need more length in your vault, Denver Outfitters offers custom cut lengths to meet your fly fishing rod requirements.

Aspects that make the Denver Outfitters Rod Vaults a great product for transporting your fly rods.

Built from high quality aircraft grade aluminium tubes, the road vaults are made with a non-abrasive plastic liner to protect fly line while rigged and an reinforced nylon reel housing. The vault comes standard with two keys and a rock solid lock to make sure you can leave your rods where ever you end up leaving your vehicle. Not only can you lock the reel housing, the vault comes with lock holes on the vault mount to secure the entire rod vault to the crossbars of your truck rack. Allowing you to secure it up and lock it down.

The Rod Vault 4 ensures both security and superior protection for your best fly fishing rods and reels on all your fishing trips – no matter the distance! The Rod Vault system lets you to maximize your time on the water doing what you love, by allowing you to be prepared for you first attempt on the river. Tying fly riggs ahead of time lets you prepare to the day ahead, it makes the mornings off to a better start because you have already put thought into what tactics you want to try.

One of the best aspects to outfitting your vehicle with a Rod Vault, is that it stores your rods where they should be – on the outside of your vehicle. Being able to remove additional gear from the interior allows you organize your river rig, fit more friends inside the cab and keep your rods safe – tucked out of the way. There is nothing worse than having to deal with  dogs jumping over fly rods inside the truck, foul hooks in your car seat or worse, your friend, where the whole situation could have been avoided by mounting a vault. Plus you don’t have to break down your rods everytime you change sections while drifting a river. 

Whether you are a fly fishing guide or just a weekend angler, this fly fishing rod carrier should be your next fly fishing purchase. Designed, tested and shipped right from Denver, Colorado, the Rod Vault 4 gives you the ability to carry up to 4 fully assembled fly rods making it the perfect rooftop fly fishing rod carrier that will guarantee you spend more time fly fishing.