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Drifter Gear Transport 2.0


The Drifter Gear Transport is exactly what you’d expect of a bag designed, built and hand-stitched in Boulder, Colorado. The designers at Yakoda Supply refined every aspect of the bag for the updated Drifter 2.0.

The bag that was once made of wading material saw a serious update for 2019. The new X-Pac™ material feels rugged to the touch, made of climbing grade rope, the updated handle is rock solid, even the removable changing footpad is thicker than before. Not to mention the team at Yakoda added carabineers that click-shut & lock with authority, to aid in bag closure. Overall, the Drifter Gear Transport is one very deep ‘crevasse-of-a-bag’ that offers 95L of storage that will make sure you are organized heading out the door for your next adventure.


Drifter Gear Transport Bag Details

Upper Bag: X-Pac™ VX21
Lower Bag: Yakoda River Pro™ – 500 Denier, Polycoated DWR Fabric
Handle: 10.7mm Sterling Climbing Rope
Dimensions: 21.5″ x 16″ x 17″
Capacity: 95 liters

Drifter 2.0 Product Update Details

At 95 liters, this wide-mouth gear bag enables you to systemize your gear prep and keep you organized during the entire duration of your trip. The Drifter is for those who want to appear like a minimalist – without compromising on bringing everything you need. Pack your river gear, rod tubes, extra layers comfortably alongside your boots and waders. Heck, there is even room for lunch and some of Colorado’s finest Cool-aid.

For the updated materials on the Drifter 2.0, Yakoda started by updating the body of the bag from a 4-ply wader material to X-Pac™. A proprietary diamond-patterned polyester blend for added tear resistance, strength and rigidity. The X-Pac™ bag construction not only provides increased durability, but it also adds natural stability, so the Drifter wants to stand up on its own! Perfect for loading & unloading – day in, day out. The result is a gear hauler that’s burly yet incredibly lightweight and is easy to store itself since it can be rolled or folded flat for storage.

Next, the team updated the bag handle from a 1” webbing on the original version to a 10.7mm Sterling climbing rope that makes shouldering heavier loads a literal cinch! While the climbing rope handle update may look minisual, the previous model used grommet contact points and have since been refined with bar-tack stitching contact points that displays the craftsmanship put into this gear hauler.

The other bag materials that were upgraded includes, the now thicker removable changing pad and a new latching system to help keep the bag mount shut. Not only were all of the design elements improved upon compared to V1, but every aspect of the bag is sourced and manufactured in the USA!


Yakoda Supply was born on the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains in Boulder, Colorado. The team at Yakoda have built their business on the idea that equipment should be simple and designed with purpose. Focusing on bringing products into the market while considering the true problems anglers face in the field, while also going the extra lengths to create products in the USA and design innovative pieces of gear for fly fishing.


A Gear Solution That Finally Works For You

A fly fisherman’s gear can either be their best friend, or their worst enemy. Being organized in your fly box, river bag or even car the night before heading up the canyon is known as a “Fly Fishing Best Practices: 101” for getting a good start on the water. For me however, I am often driving back with a car looking like a tornado ripped through it. The Drifter Gear Transport has changed the way I organize my equipment from loading the truck to rigging by the river and the unpacking process at the end of it all.

How you organize your gear on your trip is just as important as the gear you chose to bring. A successful fly fishing trip is typically made up of at least three things: good friends, a fishy location, and the right equipment. However, the way you pack your gear can make a huge difference in how much fun you’re going to have that day.

With the Drifter, there is no longer an excuse for missing reel covers in the trunk, or debating over who’s 4 piece rod sleeve was left out. The Drifter acts as a central gear collection hub where you can reference your equipment that needs to come out and the gear that should be put aside in the truck until later in the day.

The Drifter Gear Transporter from Yakoda Supply is a rugged gear hauler for the back of truck beds, whitewater rafts, and anywhere you need to haul your equipment. Plus, it can be used for anything to suit the ever-changing seasons and what mother nature may throw at you. Skiing, Hunting, Rafting, Biking – the bag works for them all. Anytime you find yourself needing gear up at the river, trailhead or parking lot, you should consider making this bag your primary vessel of transporting gear from your abode, to your jumping off point for your next big day.

Before the Drifter, I just accepted the fact that I had to take multiple trips loading the truck before pulling out of the driveway. I felt there wasn’t an affordable solution for organizing both my personal wading gear and the additional equipment I need to support my ventures. In the past, the back of my car was made up of smaller individual bags and it became increasingly more challenging to navigate the game of duffel bag Tetris. Now my friends look at my packed Drifter and question, “Do you have  everything?”.

In all, the improved bag looks sleek, with two grab points allowing you to lift it up and cinch it closed when your ready to roll out. New locking carabiners allow you to secure the mouth shut, creating a highly functional way to manage your gear. The inside is simple, as the bag is just one large open compartment containing a thick removable padded mat at the bottom.

What had me stoked on the Drifter, was the practicality of this gear bag, without being over-engineered or offered at a ridiculous price point. The bag can be purchased online starting at $149, which is reasonable considering it is completely made in the USA. The Drifter Gear Transport is relatively inexpensive compared to the other gear haulers that it sits next to at the fly shop, where select name brand bags often retail for 2-3x that price for a bag made in China and offers half the capacity in storage.

For those who need to haul everything & anything in the back of truck beds, rafts, or, well, wherever! The Yakoda Supply Drifter 2.0 is the perfect affordable gear management solution. On top of that, make sure you use the code “westernnatives20” at checkout for 20% off the Drifter 2.0 and all other Yakoda Supply Products!