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Hello! Welcome to our website and we are pumped that you are taking time to hear about who we are and what we do!

Author: Josh Lewis

Author: Josh Lewis


Who We Are

Western Natives was born on the front range of the rocky mountains in Colorado. We are a group of creators, photographers, writers, and filmmakers with a passion to promote conservation and the culture we live out west. At first, we started as a group of outdoorsmen who loved the technicality of fly fishing and who love the challenges of hunting. Whether it’s chasing high country cutthroats, or sneaking through alpine meadows in search of the elusive rocky mountain elk, we are passionate about the west and the sportsmen’s lifestyle.

On top of that, we find purpose in documenting our pursuits by capturing and sharing our adventures to promote conservation and the Western Native lifestyle, so that it will be carried on for generations to come.

What We Do

Our mission is to inspire people to get outside in God’s beautiful creation and experience the western outdoors. We live to promote the Western Native lifestyle through sharing and documenting the stories of those who came before us and those who are passionately living it today.

To do this, we aim to provide excellent photography, videography, and written content to inspire others to get outside and experience what the West has to offer.

The Western Native Lifestyle

We are “Western Natives” because of the legacy and traditions of those who have come before us, who have passed down the traditions of our outdoor pursuits. Without these outdoorsmen: a dad, grandfather, uncle, mentor, or friend, the traditions of the outdoors would have been lost to us. But the traditions and culture live on because of men and woman who are willing to share it to those who are eager to learn.

At the end of the day, we live in a world where too often our time is spent in front of multiple forms of digital screens. We spend more time dreaming of the adventures we have in mind, instead of making them a reality. We live vicariously through other people on our phones, wishing and dreaming that it could somehow be us.

If we can inspire just one person to go and pursue their dreams and passions in the outdoors, it  makes all the difference. The generations to come have a steep, uphill mountain to climb in terms of conservation and outdoor recreation. It is our responsibility to pass on our heritage and culture to those generations. And we hope that as we pursue our dreams and passions in the outdoors, that the responsibility would be taken seriously by us, and by the outdoorsmen and women alongside us who share this same mission.

As we progress, we plan to join in the efforts in conservation and in outreach in the outdoor community to our fullest ability! We would love to connect with you if you also share in this passion!

Inspiration from Those Paving the Way Now

The Linguists, a video put together by Sitka Gear, follows a man who has a massive footprint on the elk hunting industry, Corey Jacobson.

Corey speaks about the future of elk hunting to Will Primos, “To make sure that it is not lost, and that it is passed on to today’s elk hunters is important. You know, more than just being an elk hunter: being an advocate for public lands and for habitat for elk and for conservation groups to support that way of life.”

Will Primos adds to the conversation with Corey, “Public land is important. Private land is important! Through hunting and through elk hunting especially, the passion for being there, seeing God’s creation, seeing the sunrises and sunsets that only happen in the west. Sure they happen here but when you got mountains and snow and golden aspens and some of the aspens even turn red depending on how they turn during that year, and those leaves are falling and they are catching into the spruce trees, and you see these things and you get to realize how much you had to be thankful for. It is a whole lot more than just shooting an elk. And we need to share it with as many people as we can. You teach somebody to love something, they’ll want to protect it.”

Corey responds, “At this point in my life the panicle reward is to be able to see other people be successful. To be able to share my experiences and the blessings I’ve had of learning about elk and elk calling with someone else in a way that contributes to their success. And when that happens to be your son or your daughter, I can’t think of a greater reward.”

Will finishes with, “The most rewarding [aspect of his journey] and I am emotional about it. Is seeing the people that came for the ride, and watching them become more than they could ever dream they could be. And watching them be successful. Today leadership is all about influence. It’s not about authority. It’s not about being able to tell somebody what to do. If you influence enough people in a positive way, they become a part of a family, and they become part of what you are doing, and they believe in it!”

We hope that through our efforts, we can make a similar impact on the outdoor community! Thank you for following along on our journey, and we are excited to invite you along on our future endevours!